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I graduated in 2003 from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Management Information Systems and Business Administration. Prior to graduating, I attained a position teaching in the Computer Science Labs at UCF. There I taught students how to use Office and to write <HTML>. After graduating, I was hired at a real estate office. My official title was AV Media Specialist. I designed PowerPoint presentations for a kiosk that featured listings from the office, trained new agents on the various systems the company used, and did some marketing for a couple of the agents. To this day, I maintain a business relationship with one of the agents and handle all of her marketing.

I was introduced to the corporate production world through a friend. I dug in and didn’t look back. I started out in graphics and shortly thereafter; I picked up ARS and Teleprompting. Since being in the business I’ve worked on General Sessions, Advisory Boards, Investigator Meetings, Video Shoots, and Breakouts. I have played may roles; from operating multiple machines simultaneously (center screens, out boards, notes, and podium graphics) to switching my own graphics and operating Playback Pro. I've designed templates, presentations from start to finish through pre-pro and on the fly.

I am a creative thinker, who works well under pressure and have a strong passion for the business. I love to travel and I just love what I do. Click here for MY CORPORATE BIO & LIST OF SHOWS I WORK ON.

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